How To Host Awesome Google Hangouts

Google hangouts icon In your online business, what are some of the best ways to let you communicate with your customers?  Would you say sites like Facebook and Twitter?  Sure!  Those site allow you to get into the thick of things with the people who use your products or services, and see what they do and don’t like.  But what about Google+, or more specifically, Google+ Hangouts?

Yup, I said Google+ Hangouts.  The beauty behind Google’s social video service is the ability to not just talk to the consumers directly, but allows you to develop videos for your YouTube channel, and place your content on your site and social networks.

What does it take to put on a great Google+ hangout though?  There’s more to it than just sitting in front of a camera, and talking.  Lucjan Zaborowski has written a post for Moz, entitled The Step-by-Step Guide To Hosting Epic Google Hangouts, that will help you to achieve several goals, such as growing your Google+ presence, increase your YouTube views and followers, engage your customers, and much more.

To find out what it takes to create great hangouts, follow the link below: