One of the more challenging parts of SEO is Link building, and if you add multiple clients to the mix, as well as managing the link outreach  process, things can get crazy really quick.  When your knee deep in a number of outreach campaigns, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts, as well as what tactics will bring you the most return on your time and resources.

Three common questions are critical to understand at any point in your link campaign:

  • Do you need more link prospects?
  • Do you need to revise your email templates?
  • Do you need to follow up with prospects?

If you don’t have a proven method to analyze these questions, then your efforts revolving around link building isn’t going to be as efficient as they could be.

The folks at Moz put together a Google Sheets template to help you better manage your link building campaigns. The beauty of this template is that it allows for customization to better fit your workflow. You’ll want to make a copy to get started with your own version.

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