How To Invest In SEO

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SEO works. This is important because traffic equals leads and leads can turn into sales for your business. By investing in SEO and raising your rankings in Google, you’ll send more traffic your way.

Luckily, testing out a new paid marketing channel can be fairly easy, as you can allocate some test budget, assign somebody in-house, and discover if you’ll get a good return on investment.

But at the same time, testing out SEO isn’t quite as simple. The amount of time that is required minimally is usually at least six months, and if you do see results, they can be challenging to quantify or attribute to any one project. Plus, it’s both a financial investment and you may even need product resources as well.

The following linked Moz article, written by Daniel Marks, may not be covering what SEO is worthwhile, or will help determine your SEO strategy and the like, but it’ll help you navigate the following questions:

  1. Should you invest in SEO in the first place?
  2. How much should you invest in SEO?
  3. How should you structure your SEO investment?
  4. How should you measure your SEO investment?

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