How to Learn SEO: Choose Your Own Adventure Edition

Seo strategy So, you want to learn SEO?  First thing I have to say is, that’s awesome!  By taking a dip into the world of SEO, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what makes search engines and websites tick.  Plus, you’ll have the ability to make your site (or client sites) rank better on search engines, such as Google, Bing, and others, allowing for more people to see your incredible website.

But the mere question “How can I learn SEO?” is a simple and deceptive question.    There’s so much to learn, especially to somebody who doesn’t have any idea prior experience in the field, that it can be quite daunting.  So what’s the best way to learn something like SEO, or anything for that matter?  The fun way, of course!

Isla McKetta has found a fun way of learning SEO via an old school way – by doing it by choosing your adventure!   Isla has written a guide that will help you choose your own SEO adventure.  The nice thing about the adventure that Isla has written up for us is that it helps you learn the trade, regardless of how much or little you know about SEO.  In her Moz article, you really will be choosing your adventure by choosing the options that best fit you, and then click links that will take you to the next best and most logical part of your story.  These links will take you to resources that are more in-depth than could be written in any single post.

Check out Isla’s post by following the link below.

Moz Blog: How to Learn SEO: Choose Your Own Adventure Edition