How To Leverage Community To Build A Great Brand

Brand When it comes to building up a great brand, it should be the first thing on your mind as a marketer.  The best marketers who think about building up their brands know that in order to succeed, their brands have to be able to stand for something that millions of consumers are willing to stand behind.

But there is one question that you have to ask your self…how exactly do you do that?

It takes quite a bit of work and effort when creating a brand that can differentiate itself in the market.  There are two assets that marketers understand well are:

  1. The product itself
  2. The culture of the company

Over the years, there seems to be a pretty major shift in how we as marketers do things.  Years ago, there was the focus on selling the product features and value, where as now, there has been a shift to also packaging and sharing the team philosophy, company culture and mission.  Together, all these points will hopefully make a brand that is worth believing in.

Even though the value with the product, company culture and community are important, it seems that community is an afterthought, or even considered optional.  But if you are a real marketer and you are in control of one of the best brands, you know differently.

In an article written by , we’ll be shown the best ways you can leverage the community you are creating to build a great brand.  After reading up on her article, you’ll know why community is key to building a memorable brand.

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Marketing Land: How To Leverage Community To Build A Great Brand