How To Maintain Organic Performance When Merging More Than One Website

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In SEO, a site migration is a term that describes an event where a website undergoes substantial changes in areas that can significantly affect search engine visibility. This can usually happen with changes to the site’s location, platform, structure, content, design or UX.

With a merger, it’s all about making the move to a singly system, rather than having more than one stand-alone sites. By merging multiple sites together into one, you can log in once to mange all of your sites, train your teams on a single system, as well as reducing maintenance and development costs.

When performing either a migration or merger, creating a sitemap that draws upon the strength of the existing websites can really increase the chances of your new brand the visibility it needs to succeed. Tom Crewe, the head of SEO at Adido, says that SEOs should prioritize the following:

  • Traffic drivers
  • Converters
  • Ranging pages
  • Pages with backlinks
  • Priority page supporters
  • New business offering/priorities

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