How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails

Email banner 550x187When it comes to email marketing, there are quite a lot of elements that goes into it to make it work.  With many of these elements being crucial, many marketers think of the process as a whole, instead of breaking it down into steps.  Breaking down any big process into smaller, and easier to do steps is always a great way to get things done.  It makes the job seem easier to accomplish since you can check off more things from your list of things to do.

Kelsey Jones has found an interesting infographic from Easy STMP that helps break down the process in its entirety.  In this case, we’re focusing specifically on welcome emails, which are emails that a user will receive after subscribing or signing up for your mailing list.

Some of the stats that were pointed out includes:

  • Having the word “sale” in the welcome email subject line increases opens by over 23%
  • The word “report” in the subject line decreases opens by almost 24%
  • Using a real person’s email address instead of no-reply is more persuasive
  • Sending the email immediately after the user signs up increases open rate

The Infographic can be found in a Search Engine Journal post on their website, which can be viewed by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Journal: How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails