email-banner-550x187When it comes to your subscriber base, everybody has to start somewhere when it comes to learning about it, right?  Who are your subscribers?  How many do you have?  What draws them in, and what turns them off?

This was the case for Walter Chen, the founder and CEO of iDoneThis.  When they first started out, not only did his business know very little about their growing subscriber base, but they didn’t have a lot of money either.  So what did they do?  They wrote some blog posts that explained to people what they were trying to do/

Fortunately, the simple step of blog writing helped to create the spark the business needed to get going.  Now, iDoneThis is a million dollar business with a strong email list, an it all started out with nothing more simple than content.

Do you know what this means?  If you’re somebody who is interested in getting started in a business, you can get started by simply writing content online and getting people to know who you are.  Aside from simple content, you want to remember that email addresses are also a wonderful commodity for your growing business.  People will always be hesitant to give up their email address unless they are going to get something of value in return.

So what do you do to get people to give up their addresses?  You make great content that they deem valuable to them!  It’s that simple!  Make content that will drive traffic.  Make content with conversion value.

But should you do, though?  Although nobody can really help you there except for  you, Walter can share what worked for them.  Walter has written up an article where he shares the techniques that helped him get iDoneThis where it is today.  Check it out by following the link below.

Search Engine Journal: How to Plan Awesome Content That Grows Your Email List