google-penguin-1339159429Getting your website cut down to pieces after you’ve spent days, weeks, months on building it up from the ground up and getting it to rank really well on the search engines can totally ruin your day.  Once the Penguin update hit Google, this was the case for many sites, regardless of size, visibility and Authority.  The penalties had come, and they had left its fair share of victims in it’s wake.

But, did you know there’s a way around the rules of Penguin?  Yup!  Penguin Penalties is something that can be totally side stepped if you do the right things.  By taking the right steps and by utilizing the right information, you can keep your traffic coming in strong!

 wrote a guide that will help protect your site from the penalties of Penguin, as well as allowing your site to continue ranking well on Google.

Here is the link to Marcela’s guide on Moz: