How To Reduce Wasted Ad Spend In Your AdWords Account

Google adwords redwhite 1920 With AdWords, you’ll be able to make or break your marketing and SEO campaign, depending on how well you spend your money.  AdWords is a wonderful place to utilize your money and drum up a ton of business for your company and website, but it’s also a great place to waste it as well.  If you’re not careful, it’s possible to flush your entire budget down the drain after a short time.

If you’re having issues with blowing through your budget faster than you thought with no positive results, it’s fairly easy to tune up your campaign by figuring out what search terms are valuable, and which ones aren’t.  This all ends up depending on whether you know what you’re doing.

 has written up an article that boils this analysis down to a simple four-step process, making things nice and easy.  Jacob even uses a recent client case study that will help to illustrate every step:

This client provides a fantastic example of how much money you can waste on AdWords without realizing it. After running this analysis on their account, it became clear that they were wasting $50,000/month on ads that never produced a single conversion!

The client had been managing their PPC accounts in house for years, and these accounts were actually generating quite a few leads. Unfortunately, despite their high customer lifetime value (LTV), their cost per conversion was so high that they weren’t making any money.

Before coming to me, they had tried increasing their budget by 30 percent to see if they could improve profitability, but additional unprofitable traffic doesn’t equal additional profit, so their account was still struggling.

It was clear they had a problem. Given their budget and profit margins, their campaigns should have been a success, but something just wasn’t working.

If this is something that you can relate to, then check out Jacob’s four-step process and what it uncovered for the client.  Just follow the link below to check out the article!

Search Engine Land: Cut The Fat: How To Reduce Wasted Ad Spend In Your AdWords Account