How To Schedule Your Social Media Content Curation For Massive Growth (Infographic)

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Having enough content with your social media followers can be tough, especially since it is difficult to continuously come up with fresh and valuable content. The problem we often face is if you fail to differentiate yourself from the crowd, you might end up losing the interest of your audience.

One of the confusing, but important, digital marketing activities you can partake in is something called content creation. According to the Curata’s Content Curation Adoption Survey (who surveyed about 400 marketers), most marketers are have gone with content curation for driving their content marketing strategy.

Despite the fact that we would typically create our own content, it’s important to realize the benefits of content creation. Some benefits of content creation includes:

  1. You provide resources to your team
  2. You establish yourself as a thought leader
  3. You stay on top of ongoing industry trends
  4. You are able to build your audience
  5. You improve your brand’s awareness
  6. You can boos visibility online (SEO)

CoSchedule is here to share the social media content curation tips in the following infographic.

Check out the infographic below for more detail.

Content sharing schedule infographic

Source – Social Media Today