How to Start, Market, and Grow Your Own Handyman Business


A handyman business is a great business venture to get into because it requires low startup investments of time and money. As long as you have a skill that’s in demand by homeowners, you can register a business and monetize the skill. However, like any business, you’ll need to put in some hard work in order to market your services and build your reputation. If all that seems a little intimidating, don’t worry — read on for some steps that will help you get started.

Where to Begin

There are several ways you can ready yourself to start a handyman business:

  • Take an apprenticeship. Do you know someone who could teach you their skill as an apprentice? Request them to take you in under their wing.
  • Go to a vocational school. Are there institutions or resources you can use to learn a skill? Consider whether you can afford the time and monetary investment.
  • Volunteer to fix things at friends’ houses. The third way to go before starting out would be to offer yourself to complete handy tasks. This will allow you to practice your skill at a low cost in a proper work environment while referring to online resources.

Setting Up Your Business

Once you are ready to begin operations, find out whether you need any certification. In many cities, you need certification to provide plumbing and electrical repair services. Get the requisite certification, which in most cases will require you to sit for an exam.

After certification, pick a name for your business and register it. You’ll need to design a logo for branding. A logo will make it easier for people to identify your business once you start growing. Take advantage of online tools that can help you design a logo online quickly, instead of hiring a designer. 

It’s also important to prioritize digital marketing to promote your business. The experts at Thrive Business Marketing can handle all your web design, SEO, and social media needs so your business can prosper!

Use Cost-Estimation Software

As a solo entrepreneur when starting out, you need all the help you can get to run your business efficiently. So, explore a software option for construction estimation that allows you to bill customers more easily from wherever you are. From the app, you can send a breakdown of all the items that go into a customer’s bills. The app also helps you keep your business records intact, which is great for tax filing purposes. You can also set up reminders for customers to whom you sent a quote, but who have not yet approved the work.

Create a Website

Once your business grows, consider setting up a website for your business. A website is a great way to land new clients. You can include a photo or video gallery to showcase your work, a services page to explain what you do, and a reviews section. Your website can also serve as a tool for customers to book your services. 

Later, you can configure an online store setup to allow your customers to pay online. When choosing a payment gateway provider, compare the processing fees that different companies charge for such services. Pick a solution that minimizes your costs and accepts payments from all major cards and wallets. 

Last but not least, look into incorporating an API to retrieve bank account balance information, which can help your clients determine whether they have enough money to complete the payment process. They’ll also be protected against overdraft fees. 

Prepare, Start, Grow

When you’re ready to start your handyman business, get certified, utilize cost-estimation software, and design a website with online payment options. Your business will be a learning curve, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way.  

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