marketing2All marketers knows that advertising can be quite challenging.  One of the great challenges in marketing is attribution.  What is attribution?  Well, attribution is the science of measuring the effectiveness of advertising.

Previously in an older article written on Marketing Land, there was a look at the potential of real-time bidding, or RTB, to drive search-like efficiency for display advertising.  Without knowing which partners and targeting approaches that are delivering results, you could be placing your valuable budget on the wrong tactic.

It seems that many marketers, almost too many marketers, rely on display attribution approaches that value the customers who are at the bottom of the purchase funnel.  But, do these points even play a big enough roll in influencing the purchase?  Unfortunately, these approaches don’t allow for a sufficient amount of reward to the advertiser.  Because of this, the incentive is low to want to drive a higher amount of new customer sale.

 wrote an article entitled Understanding And Utilizing The Right Tactics For Your Display Campaign.  In this article, Konrad is going to explore the reasons for this.  Also, he will provide some potential solutions for everybody to consider

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