AmazonWe know Amazon is a leading, if not the leading digital shopping destinations.  Not only is Amazon extremely popular with online shoppers, but it also has become a major search engine for product-related searches.  There was an article written for Marketing Land entitled, “The Future of Search for CPG Companies,” where  wrote about the shift in consumer behavior regarding product-level search, which made Amazon the product search engine of choice for many of its users.

If you’re trying to sell online through Amazon, and you are dreaming of the goal of winning on it, you’ll need two different things.  You’ll need great products worthy of a consumer’s money, as well as a well-optimized product page so consumers can find it.

If you wanting to create some highly optimized product pages, you’ll have to treat and optimize them just like you would with a normal web page.  This means you’ll have to start out with strong keyphrase research to understand what the customer is looking for.

There is another article that was posted recently on Marketing Land by  were he offers us some great keyphrase techniques that will help optimize any product page and ultimately, grow results!

Check out Benjamin’s post by following the link to the Marketing Land article below!

Marketing Land: How to win on Amazon: Tips for successful keyword strategies