How Will Optimizing for Voice Search Will Impact Your SEO Plan in 2021?

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It seems that for a long time, when you thought of SEO, you would think of the relationship between search and text, and that was it. If you could optimize your site’s content and how it showed to the user, then you’d be good. But now, things have changed a bit.

A good chunk of web traffic these days come from voice searches.

Some people might think, what’s the difference between searching for something through their physical or virtual keyboards and searching using your voice? You’re still just inputting a query into the search engine, and you’ll get your search results.

But if you think about it, when you type something in, you might type things in segments, versus when voicing your search, you’ll instinctively ask in complete sentences when asking Google Assistant or Alexa. Optimizing content to capture more of that kind of traffic works differently than how it used to.

So how how will optimizing for voice search affect your SEO? Find out more with the link below!

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