How Working From Home Has Thrown A Wrench In Campaign Targeting

Working from home is a great way to help businesses stay in operation as the world finds ways to overcome COVID-19. For some, this is both good and bad as their now decentralized staff has to make sense of data tat might not be as reliable due to the unexpected shit in work environments.

“One thing we’ve noticed a lot in B2B, almost more than B2C, is analytics data being terrible right now, because all of a sudden your B2B companies who are 10, 20, 30,000 employees are at home, logging into your corporate website and all your IP filters are gone,” said Brad Geddes of AdAlysis during a PPC for B2B session of Live with Search Engine Land.

Since the devices that employees use at home might not filter like in-office computers usually are, analytics for company websites could end up reporting traffic differently from their internal staff and would be indiscernible from prospective customers. Conversion rates might decline even if the volume of conversions remains intact.

“Depending on how you’re targeting people, it could be near impossible,” said Clix Marketing’s Michelle Morgan, noting that some companies have sent staff home with new computers to work from. “It has nothing on in, it has no search behavior, it will not have logged into [sites that use cookies], so now you can’t really target [some customers] because this is just a brand new machine.”

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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