Hubspot’s Flywheel Info FTW!

Here’s three videos that will help you learn about the flywheel and how it can help you grow has a marketing business.

Why It’s Time to Replace Your Funnel With a Flywheel

For years, companies have structured their business strategies around the funnel — and it worked. But today, customer referrals and word-of-mouth have become the largest influence on the purchase process, which means the funnel has one major flaw: It views customers as an afterthought, not a driving force. Funnels produce customers but don’t consider how those customers can help you grow. That’s where the flywheel comes into play.

Decreasing Friction in Your Flywheel

Want to grow better? The speed of your flywheel increases when you add force to areas that have the biggest impact — like your customer service team.

Fueling the Forces of Your Flywheel

Removing friction from your internal processes means you can spin your flywheel — and grow — faster.