Humane Society’s Brilliant Puppy Drone Stunt Achieves Viral Success

Puppy drone 800x447Are you against puppy mills?  Well, so is the Humane Society of the United States, as they released an unbranded video last week, entitled Same Day Pups: Puppy Drone Delivery.  In the video, we watched as puppies got delivered to families, after being purchased o a website called samedaypups.com, by being flown around town to their destination by drone.  Sure, it was cute, as there were puppies.  But it was also the total opposite.  It was disturbing.

The video, which of course was a hoax, managed to obtain over 480,000 views on YouTube, and 2.2 million on Facebook since April 30.  The idea behind the video was to raise awareness of puppy mills.

If you go to the SameDayPups site, you’ll find a headline that tells us that “Drone delivery from trusted breeders.”  Once you’ve clicked on the “Find A Puppy Button,” or on anything else, you’ll be met with a message that says:

“Puppy drone delivery does not exist. But ordering puppies like a product is real. 99 percent of puppies sold online come from puppy mills where they are caged as commodities, farmed for profit, discounted and discarded. Don’t buy into puppy mills. That’s the first step in shutting down mills.”

After the release of the video, the Humane Society revealed that they were the ones responsible for the campaign.  Afterwards, it launched another site, A Puppy Is Not A Product.  On the site, it gives out information about puppy mills, as well as tips on how to obtain a pet puppy, properly, from a trusted source.

The puppy drone video was promoted by the Humane Society on their social channels:

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