Hummingbird Unleashed

Hummingbird It seems that when something new, such as with a new Google update, people tend to overreact over something that they don’t necessarily understand.  Yet.  There are those who feel that they’ve been hit by the Hummingbird update, and they might be totally wrong, only because they are jumping the gun and overreacting.

As Gianluca Fiorelli said in an article he wrote for Moz entitled Hummingbird Unleashed, it’s a smart idea to wait for a little bit and understand what the update does before jumping to conclusions about something.  By standing back after the dust has settled and by looking at the original documents, you can finally start getting an understanding as to what the update really does.

The post that Gianluca wrote on Moz is all about the result of his study of these documents and field observations.  The study can be found on Moz by following this link: