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Organic Social Media

10 Weekly Facebook posts
10 Weekly Linkedin posts

Advanced Facebook

Adds monthly advertising
Also Includes organic Social campaign

Complete Social

Includes all of the previous campaign features, Plus:
Full engagement campaign and content (likes, comments, replies)


Organic Social Media Campaign:

This campaign is all about your basic social media activity. For instance, posting messages and images on your Facebook page on your behalf. In this plan we will write 2 posts for your Facebook page every day, as well as 2 posts for your Linkedin profile every day. We’ll also create 3 image posts for Facebook each week.

You’ll get access to a Social Media Management platform, where you can review the content that we write anytime you’d like, and can easily opt-out or edit anything we create. The idea is for us to take over total management of your business’s social activities so you don’t have to do it. But you still get complete oversight of the work.

What this plan does NOT include:

  • Social Media (paid) ads (i.e. boosted posts, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads)
  • This plan is for basic content creation and posting. But for best success, you’ll still need to create engagement by liking other people’s posts, commenting on other profiles, and replying to likes and comments on your wall
  • Custom requested content, custom-dated content, or promotion-targeted content


Advanced Facebook Campaign:

This campaign includes everything from the Organic campaign above, but also gives you Facebook advertising management. In addition to the organic content and image posts, we’ll also manage paid advertising on Facebook campaigns up to $500/mo in spend.

We’ll create targeted audiences for your ads, develop targeted campaigns, create 2 ads for Facebook, which can also be used on Instagram, and create or modify 2 landing pages on your website for best results from the paid ads.

In summary, you get:

  • Everything from the Organic Social Campaign
  • Plus, Facebook paid ad campaign creation and management

Though this campaign is more robust, you’ll still need to plan on doing the engagement work (i.e. comments, likes, replies)


Complete Social Brand Management:

This is your full-service campaign option.  If you want total social brand management, you’ll want to choose this campaign.  You’ll get everything from both the Organic and Advanced campaign options, but in addition, we’ll take care of all engagement activities as well.  You’ll still have complete oversight, but you won’t need to lift a finger.

In addition to organic posts and paid ad management, we’ll also:

  • Engage on other pages/profiles through likes and comments
  • Reply as appropriate to likes and comments on your profile pages
  • Build engaged audience through targeted posts and ads for audience building
  • Social brand and reputation management (monitoring and responding to brand or reputation issues)
  • Create promotions or landing pages as appropriate for targeted marketing efforts

By far, the Complete Social Brand Management campaign is our most complete offer, and your best value; both in cost effectiveness and potential for strong ROI.