Out of the February top ten YouTube ads, 9 of them were Super Bowl ads.  But that top ad was Hyundai.

The brand’s “A Better Super Bowl,” a live video featuring US military personnel that aired in the first commercial break immediately following the game, generated 26 million views for the month.

The only ad that was non-Super Bowl related in the top ten was The New York Times “The Truth Is Hard” commercial that managed to squeak in at number 10.

out of the nine Super Bowl spots that made last months’ list, seven of them ranked in YouTube’s top 10 Super Bowl ads released on game day – Hyundai, Budweiser, Kia, Mr. Clean, T-Mobile, Audi and 84 Lumber.

Here is YouTube’s top ten February ads!

1. Hyundai: “A Better Super Bowl” (26M views)

2. Budweiser: “Born the Hard Way” (25.7M views)

3. Kia “Hero’s Journey” (25.1M views)

4. Mr. Clean “Cleaner of Your Dreams” (13.9M views)

5. T-Mobile: “#UnlimtedMoves with Justin Bieber” (11.4M views)

6. Audi: “Daughter” (11.3M views)

7. 84 Lumber: “The Entire Journey” (10.9M views)

8. Honda: “Yearbooks”(10.8M views)

9. Nintendo: “Nintendo Switch” (10.2M views)

10. The New York Times: “The Truth Is Hard” (7.8M views)

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