If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account for your business, here are 5 reasons why you should

Social Media Marketing is used as an additional form of customer support. What do we all want when we go into or use a business? Instant information, Customer service and support!

Why not be available for support/service at your customer’s fingertips? We lead a fast paced life, nobody has the time or patience to wait on hold listening to boring elevator music for customer service/support answers.

When updating Facebook and Twitter you and your business will always be reminding your “followers” or “friends” not to forget about you. While browsing the Internet the other day my stomach growled at me and I realized that I was hungry. Not a minute later I got an update from Chipotle on Facebook. Hmmm, coincidence? Maybe. But alas, where did I end up? Chipotle. I always want to be on my customer’s mind, don’t you?

The best place to receive feedback instantly on a new product or idea? Social Media Networks!

The best form of (free) advertising is through customer recommendations. Why not make a (free) web page on a (free) social networking site where happy customers can suggest you to their friends? Hey, It’s free! Do we get the theme yet?

Who doesn’t have Internet access anymore? Get your business out there! It’s all about being everywhere, all the time!