imgurIf you were to look through your personal or professional social media feeds, there is usually one major thing you’ll find as your scroll through the countless posts that others have put up.  Can you guess what it is?  It’s the most popular type of post.

It’s the image.

According to Socialbakers, 93% of the most engaging posts contain images.  One type of image that contributes to their popularity is the animated GIF.  People just love the animated GIF.  Now, making them has become easier.  YouTube demoed an example last month a native GIF–creator, and Imgur wanted to get into the action as well.  Imgur released a super simple GIF creation tool that works with “hundreds” of video sites.

The GIF creation is pretty simple, as all you do is put in a link, and select the time using a visual slider at the bottom of the page.  You can even add some text if you so choose.


On the right of the image output, you can find the output and embed links for quick sharing, as well as social sharing sharing buttons underneath the video.

Here is an example GIF I created from the Epic Rap Battles of History video, George Washington VS William Wallace:

The output comes into the .GIFV file format, which allows for a higher quality video at a fraction of the size.  This is great for social media managers, so any of you marketers who are into the social media scene, make sure you bookmark Imgur’s Video to GIF tool.

For more information, see the official Imgur blog post.

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