Improve Your SEO Process With This 44 Key Point Checklist


No matter what some people might think, traditional SEO will, for the time being, remain a strong constant in the marketer’s digital marketing playbook. We are currently seeing an insurgence of generative AI, and it’s really shaking things up right now. It has gained quite the momentum in content creation, data analysis and even customer experience.

Thanks to the way generative AI is changing the way business approach digital marketing, Google and Microsoft have already factored in AI-generated responses into their respective search results.

Despite these changes, it’s important that traditional SEO practices play a major part in optimizing website traffic. When it comes down to specific businesses, you should strive to strike a balance between utilizing generative AI and maintaining SEO best practices. Using AI can be a great tool for your business and your marketing plan, you want to make sure you don’t use it too much, as it could compromise the relevance of your content, as well as mess with your business’ ranking in the SERPs.

You can utilize the infographic checklist created by the SEMrush team to ensure that your SEO process remains in a good state, and your content maintains its good ranking in the SERPs.

You can check out the infographic for quick reference, or you can check out the SEMRush website for more tips not listed.