Inbound Link Categorization Dashboard Redesign

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Inbound linkGood communication is key to everything.  It’s how you get effective information from one source to another.  To an SEO, an effective dashboard is a very important part of communicating information from site data to the SEO.

With dashboards, it can give you a lot of data if designed correctly.  If a dashboard is designed poorly, then information can’t be communicated with the SEO as well as it could.  That means that everybody loses out.  The one reading the dashboard can’t retrieve the information needed.  In turn, he can make the right decisions when it comes to utilizing that information.  If he can’t utilized it, the website suffers, as well as the potential customers to that website.

But, if you are able to use a well designed dashboard that can properly give the information it’s supposed to, then things can go a lot better.

Mynda Treacy wrote an article all about inbound link categorization dashboard redesign.  You can read all about her article in the following link that deals with dashboard data and redesign:

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