With today being the July 4th holiday for America, Google has put up a logo on their site that has an animated short of a marching band that performs the patriotic song by John Philip Sousa’s, “Stars and Stripes Forever.”


As I watched the short, I realized that it was very much like the old 50’s cartoon style you’d watch as a kid back in the day.  The short was created in the style of the UPA Animation Studio, same studio who did the Mr. Magoo series of cartoons.

The designer of the Google short is Betsy Bauer, and she said:

“When I was a toddler, my dad was a high school band director and baritone player in a couple of community ensembles. I have a lot of fond childhood memories of chasing fireflies during lawn concerts on town squares,” says Bauer, “I was incredibly excited to be able to combine two of the greatest influences in my life into this doodle – hand drawn animation and marching band.”

The rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever” that was used in the logo was performed by the US Marine Marching Band.

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