Information Architecture for SEO – Whiteboard Friday

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Rand_fishkinSometimes looking back into the past can be quite interesting.  Back in the day, it’s fun to think that when it came to building websites, there were two different groups of people.  There were those who wanted to create a website that was built for us, people to read and get the most enjoyment out of.  Then, there was the group that wanted to build a website for the sake of the search engine.  This way, more and more people would be able to discover your website.  The tactics between each type of site build were quite different, and certainly more in a class of their own.

But now, these differences aren’t quite so different anymore.  There are a number of best practices in Information Architecture that can lead to some pretty awesome benefits in search.  Today’s Whiteboard Friday, presented by Rand Fishkin, will show you what they are and how we can benefit from them.

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