Back in February Jenny and Drea introduced us to the Cloud: they explained how the Cloud is already affecting our everyday work, as companies are increasingly moving their businesses to servers managed by third-party companies. In this episode we took a new spin and invited a Google Cloud Platform expert, Miles Ward, who gives us a deeper dive in Google’s Cloud business.

Miles walks us through Google’s Cloud journey. He reminds us that Google has fundamentally relied on the Cloud since its outset, as it had to create a strong network of data centers spread out across the world to connect engineers and users. To make its business grow from Search, to Maps, or to YouTube, Google had to develop an expertise on its Cloud infrastructure so it is reliable and secure.

Today, what Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers is the possibility for businesses to take advantage of Google’s readily available infrastructure and expertise. It frees companies from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. The Cloud sets businesses up for scale. Check this article to learn more about the services offered by GCP: Finally, from a financial standpoint, GCP offers the option for businesses to rent, rather than buy their infrastructure, charging them for the data they use per minute. As a result, this makes it easier, from start-ups to larger businesses, to take more risk when want to approach new opportunities.