instagramWhen you think of Instagram, I’ll be most of us will instantly think of selfies and pictures of a plate of food being put on display for the whole world to see.  But, for a number of us, we may have never thought of using the picture only social media tool as something more.  Instagram can be used to help increase brand recognition for your company.  In other words, it can help engage your audience even farther than before.

One thing that Instagram has heard from its business users is that they want more insight into how people are engaging with them, and how users are responding to their photos and videos.  Instagram has heard, and they have responded.

We’re excited to announce that over the coming weeks and months, we’ll begin rolling out a new suite of tools to help brands better understand the performance of their paid and organic content on Instagram.”

There are new tools that Instagram has given the masses that will help businesses in three areas:

Account insights: This allows businesses to see brand awareness through impressions, reach and engagement.

Ad Insights: This area will show the performance of paid campaigns with brand analytics for every ad delivered to the target audience.

Ad Staging: Finally, this one gives the advertisers and their creative teams the ability to preview, save, and collaborate on ad creation for their campaigns.

Original Source by Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal