Instagram DMs, And TikTok Looks To Change Its Content Stream

Instagram is testing DMs on the web

Instagram is now testing the ability to direct message users on its desktop version. As of January 16, Instagram started to test the feature on a small number of the platform’s global users, who can now access their DMs from Instagram’s website. With the introduction of this feature, it could be a big win for influencers and businesses who are currently using the desktop version of the platform during the workday. It could also hope to round out the app’s experience across devices. Although the features is currently being tested, the company will be providing more details on a potential wider rollout in the future.

TikTok could be testing a curated content stream

Because it is doing what it can to address advertiser concerns around ad placement alongside controversial content, TikTok is exploring the idea of a curated content stream, which seems to be similar to Snaphat’s Discover dashboard. According to The Financial Times, TikTok is looking at adding a highlights stream, which would display curated, original videos from the platform’s creators alongside content from publishers. This could give businesses on TikTok more control over the viewing experience, which ensures that ads aren’t going to get buried in controversial content streams.

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