Something new and fun has been added to Instagram stories that adds some nice flair to their product offerings.  Today, Instagram announced that they added special functionality to its stories.  The won’t have any direct impact on advertisers at the present, but they could enhance the character of stories provided brands.

One of the features are stickers, which is a way to add context to stories.  Once a users has taken a video or photo, a stickers button will be added next to text and drawing tools to further enhance them.  There are various stickers that have added, such as current time and location, weather, and will be able to be resized or moved across the canvas.  The location will give viewers the ability to learn more.

Source – Marketing Land

Because this new functionality came out when it did, Instagram added some holiday stickers, like gingerbread men, candy canes, snowmen and various holiday-themed stickers.

Something else that’s been added is a “hands-free” option to record video with a single tap.  This will make things easier, as the users won’t have to press and hold the button anymore.  Instagram has even allowed users to add unlimited text to their uploaded media and wrapping.

As of this writing, I haven’t been able to play around with these features yet, as the update seems to have not reached my area yet.

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