Instagram Lets Marketers Share Posts Across Multiple Accounts

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Screenshot of Instagrams new feature shared by Matt McGee

A new feature has been rolled out by Instagram that allows iOS users who are managing multiple accounts to share a post across two or more of the accounts under their management.  “We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts,” says an Instagram spokesperson.

Social media managers and marketers who post to more than one account owned by a single brand will be able to post a single piece of content across those accounts while they’re on the go.  This is such a time saver.

According to a screenshot of the feature shared by Matt McGee, a real estate marketing professional (and former Marketing Land editor in chief), users will see a “Post to other accounts” option when creating a new post, and they can select the accounts they want to post to using toggle switches.

This feature will allow for more flexibility to quickly post content across a number of accounts.  Even influencers on the network will benefit from the feature, which allow them to share the same promotional content across their separate Instagram accounts.

Currently, being able to share one post across multiple accounts simultaneously is only available on Instagram’s iOS app.  There aren’t any plans to extend to Android users.

While Instagram is allowing users to share the same post across multiple accounts, Twitter blocked its users from posting identical content across multiple accounts last year in a move to curb spam and bot activity.  We’ll see where this takes Instagram in terms of this feature gets abused with spam.

Last month, Instagram launched multiple new user features, including the ability to respond to a questions sticker with a song, new Instagram Live stickers and a countdown sticker for Stories.

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