instagram-logoAs of June 21st, Instagram has hit a huge milestone – the company has announced that they have hit 500 million users.  Not only that, 60% (that’s 300 million) are logging onto the social network every day.  Instagram shared some interesting information about who uses their service.  Less than 100 million of those users are in the US.  Over 80% of Instagram’s user base is outside the United States.

Instagram has also launched analytics, which is meant to appeal to more brands and attracting more advertisers due to their non-interruptive in-stream appeal.  One of the nice things about how Instsgram is handling sponsored advertisements is that most of the users aren’t all that bothered with them.

It took Instagram 9 months to hit the 500 million mark from their last announcement of 400 million users.  This shows a nice, steady growth pattern of approximately 9 to 10 months for each 100 million users.  Because of this surge, and the huge international audience, the growth could be due to the fact there isn’t anything like the image sharing network in other international markets.

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