Instagram Provides Tips on How to Maximize Customer Engagement with Instagram Stories (Infographic)

Are you using Instagram Stories as a part of your strategy for the holiday season?

Since the popularity of Stories and Reels has been on the rise, as well as the most popular elements of the app, they can be a good way to keep connected with your audience, which will allow you to showcase your latest deals and offers.

Just keep in mind that when you post something to Instagram, you do it in a different and unique way compared to the other ways you’ve been posting your content. When brands directly re-post content to Stories, users say they don’t like that very much, so it’s all about how you do it. In this case, you have to be creative when it comes to posting content to Instagram.

Instagram has shared some new tips – you can check out Instagram’s original post, with additional info, here, but we’ve incorporated the key notes into the below infographic.

Instagram Stories tips

Source – Social Media Today