Based on some new projections, it seems that Instagram is set to see the biggest gains from increased time spent with social media.

Social media, as well as internet usage in general, is on a rise as a result of the orders to stay home due to coronavirus.

Time spent with Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat has increased.

Some changed estimates from eMarketer shows that Instagram has increased the most. Not only that, these gains are expected to be sustained in the years to come.

The following are some highlights from a recent interview with eMarketer senior forecasting analyst Oscar Orozco.

People are spending more time than normal consuming content on social media, especially when it comes to video.

eMarketer has projected that people will be spending an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes per day with social media this year.

That’s an increase of 6 minutes per day compared to eMarketer’s previous forecast.

“We’re seeing increased engagement on IG Live, Facebook Live, with short form content and videos.

In general, the increase from our previous forecast is six minutes. So this is, of course, average throughout the day. And it’s averaged out throughout the year, of course.

From the year before it’s a seven minute increase. So when it’s all added up it comes to about an hour-and-twenty-minutes-plus of time spent on social networks, which is a tremendous amount of time.

And yes, the impact from COVID is positive on social media engagement.”

It’s been estimated that Facebook will see a positive growth this year in terms of time spent on it.

This is an improvement from the decline in time spent on Facebook from years before.

“With Facebook we’re reverting back to positive growth. We previously were showing negative percent declines for Facebook.

So we’re now, because of the COVID-19 effect, showing a growth of 4.3%, which is positive. And we’ve been seeing declines on Facebook for a number of years now.

So that’s about an increase of a little bit over a minute. So it’s not super significant like we’re seeing for some of the other socials like Instagram and Snapchat. But it is a positive story.”

It’s estimated that users will spend upwards of 34 minutes per day on Facebook in 2020.

That number is expected to go up even further in the coming years.

“As I mentioned, Facebook is still the most engaging platform. It does have the highest user base, but that does pretty much comes out to a little over 34 minutes a day on Facebook.

And, of course, as I mentioned those declines – we’ll continue to see them. They’re about a minute or so over the next few years after 2020.”

The time spent with Instagram has been fairly flat, being projected to grow just 1.5% in 2020.

But out of all the social networks that are covered by eMarketer, Instagram is expected to witness the biggest growth.

Time spent on Instagram is estimated to grow 14% this year, which equals over 3 minutes of additional time spent by each user each day.

“Instagram was pretty flat growth. We projected a 1.5% growth in 2020, but because of COVID-19 it’s actually going to see the biggest, strongest growth out of all of the socials that we cover. Nearly 14% growth. That’s about 3.2 minutes when you add that up.

For Facebook I was going to mention that 4.3% growth is about a little over a minute, so this three minutes is extraordinary actually.

And we do expect that there will be a slight decline in 2021, but a lot of this will be sticky behavior. It will be sustained into the future.”

Snapchat has ranked second in terms of the amount of time users spend with it this year.

Time spent on the platform has been estimated to grow by 12% this year, bringing the total time spent to just under 30 minutes per user per day.

“Snapchat, when ranked with the rest of the socials, I consider Snapchat second in rankings.

We think it’ll be around 12% growth – so a very, very engaged user base there.

They specifically said, they reported, they’re seeing increased users on their original content with the filters all across that platform.

With Instagram, the minutes are about 30 minutes a day on the platform. Snapchat’s a little bit below that.”

SourceMatt Southern