Integration: Best Practices For Combining Customer Relations Data & Your Media Buy

Crm1So, you’ve been in the SEO business for a while.  You’ve managed to store up quite a bit of useful data, and it’s tucked away safely on your computer screen.  But, how do you manage to take all this data that you’ve acquired and actually use it for the most basic campaign metrics?

Nobody said it would be easy.  Using your data to successfully integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) is something only a few companies have actually figured out how to do.  What’s the task that is being put to you?  All you have to do is measure the reach and frequency across your media buy to see segment performance.  Then, on top of that, you have to measure that performance against customer data.  Wow, that’s a lot of stuff that has to be taken care of.

Fortuantely, we’ve got  on our side.  James has written an article, The Power of Integration: Best Practices For Combining Customer Relations Data & Your Media Buy.  In it, you’ll be shown the following principles that have been taken up by the most successful brands and agencies.

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