Intersection_AheadWe’ve seen technology advance over the years.  Some great things have really come about new technology, and I think I can say our lives are better because of it.  Something else that has evolved right along with tech is the way we use the web.  Because of our evolving web usage, SEO best practices have also changed as well.  More and more choices and technology is available to web designers than ever before.

, the author of the Search Engine Land article, The Intersection of SEO and Web Design, wanted to revisit the top SEO consideration that relate to some top website design trends.  What sort of trends?  Warren includes parallax, responsive and HTML5 design in his article.  Although he’s a fan of taking these three different design choices and incorporating them when necessary, he knows that site architecture and accessibility are the top concerns in SEO.

Warren’s article focuses on the concept of designing with the end user in mind of improving SEO rankings.  Using the concept in his article, Warren provides actionable next steps for SEO professionals when thinking about website interaction and user experience design.

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