An Introduction to PR Strategy for SEOs

Pr When you think of SEO, you usually think of dealing with ads management social media, and general inbound marketing.  Many probably wouldn’t really consider PR to be part of SEO.  After all, generally, SEO and PR are generally different, right?  They’re usually seen as two separate departments under a single business.

But, for those who are following this line of thinking, you might want to broaden this view on PR vs SEO.  If you are an inbound marketer, I can see why you would say that you aren’t into PR.  Doing public relations isn’t your job.  Simply, you’re being paid to bring customers to your website, right?

While that’s certainly true, perhaps you may be forgetting something.  If you’re an inbound marketer, you’re probably probably also dealing with social media, correct?  By engaging people directly through social media, like Twitter or Facebook, you are doing PR.  Are you trying pitching guest posts to online publications or emailing people for hopes of getting links?  Guess what?  You’re doing PR.

Samuel Scott wrote a Moz blog called “An Introduction to PR Strategy For SEOs“, and in it, he goes into detail about how SEOs can get into the public relations that they’ve always done, but didn’t know they were actually doing.  In his blog post, Samuel presents to us the overall strategy that The Cline Group, the company he works for, uses in their PR work.  The steps that he gives in his blog are a step-by-step process that have given them the best results.

You can check out his blog post on Moz by following the link below.

YouMoz Blog: An Introduction To PR Strategy For SEO