Is Author Expertise Important To Google’s Algorithm?

Is an author’s expertise important to Google’s algorithm? Google’s John Mueller was recently asked whether or not this is the case by somebody during an SEO Office Hours video chat since it can be an important role in the Quality Raters Guidelines.

“I have some questions about E-A-T.

In Quality Raters Guidelines, the author’s expertise is important.

So do you think it’s important for the real algorithm?”

The person asking the question clarified:

“I mean, E-A-T is just mentioned in the Quality Raters Guidelines.

But I want to know if real algorithms also care about E-A-T factors like author expertise.”

John Mueller answered:

“I would assume that there is some indirect kind of work done to try to do similar things, yes.

I mean, we put this in the guidelines so that we can kind of guide the quality testers to double check these things and if we think that it’s something important then I would assume that folks on the …search quality side also work to try to understand that in a more algorithmic way.”

You can check out Mueller’s response in the video below: