Is Bounce Rate A Google Ranking Factor?

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It seems that there are always going to be misconceptions about any number of subjects that you can think of out there. There are even misconceptions in the SEO industry.

One possible misconception that some people are holding on to is whether or not bounce rate is a Google ranking factor or not. There are those who adamantly believe that if your website has a high bounce rate, then it won’t rank as high in the search results. For every person who has this frame of thinking, there are those who believe that opposite.

But which one is true? Is there anything to worry about if your business website has a higher rate of pogo-sticking than you’d care to see? Will your website be listed lower because of it?

If you’re worried about whether or not this will affect your Google rankings, then Anna Crowe has the perfect column for you on Search Engine Journal. In her column, she discusses if its a ranking factor and if it has any impact on organic traffic.

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