Is Copying Campaigns Between Search Engines A Missed Opportunity?

Google yahoo 2015d 1920 800x450Every month, users are conducting more than 100 billion searches on search engines globally.  Even with all these searches being done on a daily basis, there’s always a portion of those searches that are brand new, and have never been made before.

Even though we are shown these widely cited facts, very few marketers are aware that at least a third of all searches that are conducted are from query terms unique to each search engine, like Google and Bing (this comes from Microsoft’s internal research).

So, if there are unique searches being made on each search engine, why are most marketers simply doing a copy and paste job on their campaigns from one engine to another?  Marketers have to make sure that each of their campaigns are form-fitted to make the most out of every search engine they’re dabbling in.

In an article written by , he explains some of the paid search opportunities that you could be missing by copying campaigns between search engines.  Check it out by following the link I have provided below!

Search Engine Land: Why Copying Campaigns Between Search Engines Misses Opportunities