Is Google’s PageRank Dead?

Google toolbar pagerank If you wanted to find the PageRank of a particular page, it has gotten harder to do this over the years, at least as far as using the Google Toolbar goes.

For non tech savvy people, the Google toolbar can help them discover how much Google trusts a page, is represented by its PageRank value. This is why Google added a PageRank display to its toolbar years ago. Here, you can find a better explanation of the PageRank feature.

But, it seems that support for page rank has dropped over the last several years. A Google toolbar has never been offered for Chrome or any add-on that shows PageRank values. The Google toolbar was dropped by Google for Firefox and June 2011.

Internet Explorer was the last browser that utilized a PageRank display. The data that flows into that display has been updated for over 6 months.

At this point, google has made no comment about when the next update would come for their toolbar.

Google said earlier this year that page rank in the toolbar will not be going away.

Despite the fact that google claims that there Toolbar is here to stay, their failure to update their PageRank values might be effectively be killing, it’s all the same.