interactive-bannerHere’s an interesting fact for you.  Did you know that three quarters of B2B and B2C maters are practicing content marketing?  Well, whether that is surprising or not even close to it, content marketing has not only grown in use and popularity, but it’s become a fundamental element to most online marketing strategies in this day and age.  You could look at any business in any industry and see that they are creating content every single day in several forms including blog posts, streaming media, e-books and whitepapers.

But because of the saturation that we see with businesses and their content creation, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the shuffle.  It’s all the competition, after all.  The competition has gotten pretty fierce with everybody joining in the fray, and because of this, businesses have to become more and more creative with their content efforts.

Out of all of this competition, what has come out of all of it?  It’s a little thing called interactive content.  What this new type of content allows you to do is to engage with a business or brand on a level that is deeper than just simply reading a blog post or watching a video.  Interactive content prompts users to share personal preferences and data, which allows those users to receive some tailored results in return.

Interactive content is the next evolution of content for websites, and if your business website isn’t taking advantage of it, you very well could be missing out.  Columnist  wrote an article for Marketing Land that goes into detail about interactive content and what it is, and how it can be used successfully.

If you’re interesting in checking out the details of the article, head on over to Arnie’s post right now and check out his article!

Marketing Land: Is Interactive Content In Your Future?