Is Keyword Density A Google Ranking Factor?

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For a while now, there are those folks who believe that having a certain amount of keywords on a web page (aka keyword density) has an affect on their website’s search rank.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the how many times a specific keyword is appears on a page of content. Typically, it’s expressed in a percentage of the total number of words on a page. Essentially, this helps search engines and site visitors understand what a particular page is about. 

There are those who considers keyword density an SEO essential if you want to rank high on Google. Some even feel that there’s a magic ratio of keywords the rest of the page’s content that will maximize your web page’s chance of ranking high.

If you want to check out the evidence behind the claims, check out the post written by Matt Southern where we learn just how much keyword density helps your website rank.

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