Mobile-AdvertisingMobile search is pretty important in this age of online marketing.  Who remembers when Yahoo was one of the top dogs in the search arena?  Back in 1980, if your business was listed in Yahoo’s directory, you knew you were set up.  In nutshell, mobile search is today’s Yahoo Directory.  If you are mobile friendly, and mobile ready, you have a much greater chance of getting views on your website.

We are in a time where everybody is searching online, not just on their desktop or laptop, but on mobile devices.  Did you know that 8% of a person’s day is spent looking at a mobile screen?  It may not sound like much, but that equates to almost two hours everyday of somebody’s attention being placed on their handheld devices.

If you’re website is mobile friendly, you know that people will be searching for your products and services on a variety of mobile devices, and they’ll be doing it easier as well, because they will be able to find you easier on Google.  More and more people are choosing to buy right from their smartphones.

It’s imperative that, as a business, you adapt your marketing strategy to include mobile, especially with April 21st being the day Google has said they will begin rolling out their newest algorithm, which will focus on whether or not your website is mobile friendly or not.

 has written an article that includes the most frequently asked questions that he’s gotten about mobile search, and it can be found on Search Engine Land.  The article should hopefully cover some of the more pressing issues that business owners are facing adapting to the shift to mobile.

According to Trond, the objectives that he focuses on are to:

  1. Answer popular questions about mobile search and SEO for mobile units.
  2. Help you avoid common traps and pitfalls when stepping into the world of mobile and multi-channel marketing.
  3. Challenge some well-established dogmas and “rules” in marketing and sales that have become barriers in the “new age” of mobile search.

To check out the whole article, you can click on the link below and it’ll take you to Trond’s Search Engine Land article.

Search Engine Land: Is Mobile Search More Than Just Being Mobile “Friendly”?