Is Responsive Design A Ranking Factor?

Mobile advertising These days, it’s no secret that mobile configuration for any business running a website is a big part of the future of SEO and digital marketing.  There are statistic out there that says that there are more Google searches that take place on mobile devices than desktop computers in 10 countries.  We also have to to take into consideration that Mobilegeddon has come and gone, leaving its mark on marketing techniques.  Mobile has become very important to online marketing in general, and it’s here to stay.

If you’re hoping to succeed with your website and corresponding online marketing campaign, and you want to do it with the current heavyweight of search engines, Google, then having a successful mobile presence is mandatory.  When designing a mobile website, there are three different choices:

  • Responsive
  • Adaptive
  • The traditional “m.” mobile sites

But does Google actually prefer one over the other?  Does responsive mobile design elicit a better ranking response than the others?  Does adaptive do better than the rest?  Or is the standard “m.” sites do well?

With Google saying that responsive design is their preferred mobile configuration, it’s possible that responsive built sites could actually get a ranking boost.  In an article written by , we explore the idea of responsively designed sites actually do better than the rest in Google’s search results.  Check out Clay’s post by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Is Responsive Design A Ranking Factor?