google-logoWhen you get a security warning in Google Search Console (GSC), it can be a scary experience.  You can get a warning for a variety of reasons, including your site being flagged for being hacked, or for serving malware or unwanted software.  If something like this happens, security warnings in GSC can result in some serious issues for your business.

What kind of problems could you be facing, you ask?  Your site could be harming users.  Plus, because Google will be taking action against your site, your organic search traffic will plummet.

Because of all the hackers, malware, and phishing out there, you can bet that a number of users aren’t going to break through those security barriers and visit your site.  Simply put, they’ll go to a different site that won’t threaten them with the likes of malware.


If people either can’t visit, or outright avoid your site, there’s no way to convert them.  Without conversion, there will be no revenue coming in.  Because security issues can mean no revenue, this can be a really frustrating situation for the webmaster, regardless how big or small his or her organization is.

Regardless of whether you’re working for a small or large business, there’s always a chance that a higher up in the company will give you an ultimatum if the security doesn’t get fixed immediately.  This can be quite frightening, but there are things worse than what was just mentioned.  You can get your AdWords account suspended if your site is flagged for malware, and that is just another layer of fear that can strike you in the heart.

In an article written by , we are given tips and recommendations based on his experiences helping clients with security problems including malware, Google Search Console and AdWords.  It might be a good idea to check them out if you’re suffering from this very problem.  Even if you aren’t, it wouldn’t hurt to read up on the information in case something does ever happen to your site.  Check out the link below to the article!

Search Engine Land: The terrifying connection between malware, Google Search Console and AdWords