SEOs need to, and have to, keep adapting to ranking shifts that happen when Google’s now roughly-quarterly core algorithmic updates roll out. Although Google has said in the past that there isn’t any fix for a site that becomes negatively impacted by these sorts of updates, any good SEO won’t just sit there twiddling their thumbs. The make changes to their client’s sites in order to help not only fix issues, but realize more positive results from these ongoing updates.

Since the last core update (the September 2019 core update), Google has provided some advice around these updates. Barry Schwartz spoke to Glenn Gabe, SEO Consultant at G-Squared Interactive and Lily Ray, director of SEO at Path Interactive, and asked what they have been seeing and what advice they have for companies.

The questions include:

  • Do sites negatively impacted by Core updates see a common thread between them?
  • There is no quick fix for these issues, so how do you communicate to clients about the plan forward?
  • Do you think Google can be more specific than it has been?
  • Are there smaller, unconfirmed core updates?
  • Is there hope? If a site was negatively impacted by a core update, can it recover?

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