yahoo-logo-purple-800There is a report by Business Insider that says they’re seeing Yahoo’s mobile search results without the “powered by Bing” logo in the footer of the search results page.

If you’re normal Bing user, you probably know that if you do a search in Yahoo, whether it’s the desktop or mobile versions, you’ll see a message that reads “powered by Bing” on the footer of the page.  Here is a picture of what it looks like when doing a search on the mobile version of the search engine:



According to the Business Insider report, they noticed that the Yahoo mobile search results were missing the logo.  Other than that, the results themselves were exactly the same as when using Bing.  This could simply a test that removed the logo, but left the rest of the search algorithm untouched.

Even though Microsoft and Yahoo extended their search deal for 30 days so they can continue working out a new deal going forward, this could be the time for Yahoo to launch their own search and search ad platform.  Even though this could potentially happen, this particular situation doesn’t seem all that realistic.

Business Insider had this to say:

A couple weeks ago, a person who claims to have been working in Yahoo’s search division until recently told us that, under Mayer, Yahoo built its own mobile search engine. This source that Yahoo was testing it with 15% of its mobile users. We’ve been unable to corroborate all of those details, but — thanks to instructions from that source — we were able to able to load the new version of Yahoo’s mobile search engine.

A Yahoo spokesperson told Search Engine Land:

Search is an important part of Yahoo’s business and we’re always experimenting and looking to improve the experience for our users. We have nothing to announce at this time.

There was neither a confirmation or denial from Yahoo about what Business Insider was reporting.




Is Yahoo Testing Non-Bing Powered Search Results?