Is Your Website Being Indexed Properly by Google?

Google investigation 580x326A very common problem found among a number of websites that are trying to rank in Google is that these website aren’t being indexed correctly.  What does this mean?  Google is not able to access your web pages to index your sites’ content effectively.

In order for you to discover if your site is being crawled and listed effectively, make sure you log into Google Webmaster Tools and check out the “Google index” tab.  In this tab, you’ll find the total number of pages that Google has been able to index.

Barrie Smith has written a post for Search Engine Journal that you can check out that will help you, find the reason behind any indexing issues your website might be having.  After all, if the answer doesn’t pop out at you why all your pages aren’t being found by crawlers, then you’ll need to do what Sherlock does and have a closer look at the issue and deduce what is really going on.

Check out Barrie’s article by going over to Search Engine Journal and reading up on his article there.

Search Engine Journal: Is Your Website Being Indexed Properly by Google?